Cerzán is a multifaceted Internet Service Provider (ISP), and Application Service Provider (ASP), with consulting services specializing in the design, implementation, support and management of secure communications systems and networks. Cerzán's philosophy is to provide "value through knowledge" in partnership with our customers.

Over the years, Cerzán has grown in size, and our service offerings have matured, as a result of our clients dependence on technology and the Internet as a business tool for allowing virtually seamless information sharing.

The organization developed ten years ago as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing business and residential Internet access, Web design, Web hosting and co-location services. Although Internet service is an important business segment for Cerzán, our service offerings have matured to include high level Internet and Data Security services for private networking, secure architecture and design, security assessment and analysis, intrusion detection, penetration testing, Web development, program development, database design and E-commerce site design.

Cerzán is a strategic partner with some of the region's most forward-thinking companies. Our staff members have built, designed and implemented security and secure systems for the U.S. Government, State and local municipalities and law enforcement agencies along with Fortune 1000 and entrepreneurial companies with a few employees. At

Cerzán, we learn and understand our customers' business, security and communications requirements. We then apply our broad knowledge of security, communications technologies and applications, providing solutions that help our customers meet their technical and operational goals.

Our partners include: